beetlebomb (beetlebomb) wrote in h_r_puffinstuff,

Jimmy's Shrink..

If you ask me, Jack Wild looks like he's had a hard life since "H.R. Pufnstuff"'s been over. In fact I imagine that for Jimmy, the real world was a pretty drab and harsh place since coming home from Living Island.

I picture that while he was away, his parents gave up hope that they'd ever see him again, however, his mother was expecting another baby...TWINS, in fact! Noisy, colicky twins! ANd during her pregnancy, Jimmy's mother is so irritable and she and his father fight so much that while he's away they also split up. The twins are born a couple months before Jimmy returns home from Living Island and everyone fawns on and dotes over them. Jimmy is told he's too old to believe in the crazy place he said he came from and he's just fantasizing because he's jealous of all the attention his new siblings are getting.
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