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Introductory Post!

SQUEEEE! I've just been googling around and one of the first things I wanted to share with you is THIS website!!!

I had no idea until I had read this that BIllie Hayes had also played the part of Weenie the Genie in "Lidsville. I loved both these shows when I was a kid and recently receiving the "H.R Puffinstuff" DVD boxed set as a Christmas gift from my husband rekindled my imagination, especially now to see everyone more than 30 years later and imagine what a reunion movie/special would be like.

I've entertained the following scenarios;

While Jimmy was away, lost on Living Island, his parents were frantic with worry. When he came back, nobody would believe him when they told him where he had been and he was subjected to various therapies and instiutionalized and his mom got rid of Freddie.

Years later, Jimmy is working in a boring factory job. He has had several girlfriends over the years but never gotten married. He tends to be attracted to wild redheads with tattoos. He tries to avoid talking about his past because, of course, whenever he talks about Living Island, people tend to ridicule him about it. He ends up being fired from his monotonous factory job due to company downsizing and his girlfriend breaks up with him because she's tired of him not wanting to commit to marriage and/or get a better job.

During this time he also happens to become reunited with Freddie who is gathering dust in an antique shop.

Then, because he was unable to afford to pay the rent, he gets evicted from his apartment. "Oh no Jimmy!!" cries Freddie "What are we going to do?"

"Well, there's only one thing TO DO!!" replies Jimmy "We're going back to Living Island!!!"

"YAAAAYY!" squeals his beloved talking Flute!!!
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